CPE333 – Embedded Systems

Videos of the interactive and live online lectures during the quarantine period

Course Slides
Homework (NEW) – Deadline is Thursday May 7th, 2020

Online Lecture 1 – Indirect Addressing, Look-Up Tables, and Introduction to Interrupts
Online Lecture 2 – Interrupt Hierarchy and Masking, PIC16F84a interrupts
Online Lecture 3 – Details on PIC16F84a interrupts and operation
Online Lecture 4: More on interrupt programming and handling interrupts form multiple sources
Online Lecture 5: Counters and Timers
Online Lecture 6: WDT, Sleep Mode, and Introduction to Parallel Ports
Online Lecture 7: Interfacing Switches, LEDs, and 7-Segment Displays
Online Lecture 8: Port Electrical Characteristics, Examples on Port Configuration and Operation
Online Lecture 9: More Port Examples, Schmitt Triggers, Details on RC and XT Oscillators
Online Lecture 10: More on Oscillators and Power Supply, Intro to Serial Communication
Online Lecture 11: Synchronous and Asynchronous Serial Communication + Physical Limitations
Online Lecture 12: PIC16F87xA, its interrupt structure and USART
Online Lecture 13: Details on the operation of the PIC16F87xA USART Tx and Rx modules
Online Lecture 14: PIC16F87xA Rx module continued, Baud Rate and SPBRG, Code Sample
Online Lecture 15: Introduction to Analogue to Digital Conversion, Sampling and Quantization
Online Lecture 16: ADC Quantization Error, Vref, Resolution, Conversion Speed, and Types
Online Lecture 17: ADC Digital and Analogue Interfaces, Data Acquisition Systems, Sample and Hold
Online Lecture 18: PIC16F87xA ADC Configuration and Conversion Time
Online Lecture 19: Conversion Time Continued and ADC PIC Assembly Example
Online Lecture 20: Keypad: How does it work?
Online Lecture 21: Keypad: How does it work? – continued + 7-Segment Multiplexing

Online Lecture 22: Sensors, Actuators, and motors
Online Lecture 23: Interfacing to Actuators
Online Lecture 24: Interacting to Actuators and Details on Digital Input Issues
Online Lecture 25: Timer 1 and Timer 2
Online Lecture 26: CCP
(End of Lectures)