Prospective Students

Students interested in doing their final year projects with me, or those who want to further their research career to help them pursue graduate studies are welcome to contact me.

My areas of interest include embedded systems, multiprocessor systems, cyber-physical and fault-tolerant systems, real-time scheduling with energy and thermal awareness, FPGAs, hardware-software co-design, software/hardware acceleration, and embedded AI. I am open to pursue different projects subject to discussion and students background.

For research-based projects, I prefer that my students know or are willing to learn Linux, Version Control Systems such as Git, proper professional documentation tools such as Doxygen, and for paper publications to use cloud-based editors based on Latex such as Overleaf. I prefer to use open-source software and hardware tools and designs whenever possible.

Supervision Style

My style of supervision is neither micro-management nor macro management. My students should expect to have at least two meetings per month where we discuss project/research progress. I am accessible for individual and group meetings where we can discuss expectations, resolve conflicts, adjust to student needs, and department requirements. I shall maintain a comfortable environment where I provide professional and technical support, guidance, and motivation. I am flexible and understanding. However, my expectations are high and I demand strict student adherence to the meetings schedules.

Language Proficiency

I expect from my students a very good level in mastering the English language. I prefer to conduct all written correspondence strictly in English. I am a very meticulous editor so expect many revisions for your submitted project reports/papers.